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KAFO Foundation was founded by Mr Steven Kityo in 2015, in 2017 It was approved by the government as a Non Profit Foundation with Registration No:13152 and BRS-INCC-8-17/36066 based on Market Street Kampala Uganda .It is a non-governmental organization whose programs so far funded by self and private donors. 

Kafo Definition

Kafo” means “kawonawo foundation in the luganda language kawonawo means survivor ” .Kafo moves from village to village throughout Uganda offering help to any child with at least one parent who is living with or has died of HIV/AIDS. Kafo thus provides care only to AIDS-affected children, thereby ensuring that no child is excluded and each child’s needs are fully understood.

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In its first year, kafo provided education for 10 children in one village in Uganda. As of today, the number has reached more than 200 applications in many areas and continues to grow, making kafo one of the continuous foundation running AIDS-impacted children in Uganda.

Main focus

Kafo primarily focuses on paying for the children’s education, making sure all funds are delivered directly to their schools, or programs by our staff. Kafo does not operate orphanages or foster homes. Instead, with our financial assistance, we empower the local communities to take care of the children, allowing them to continue to grow up in their native villages. To further decrease their sense of social stigma and isolation, Kafo places the children in schools that purposefully integrate them with children not impacted by HIV/AIDS. These efforts aim to give AIDS-affected children a stronger sense of community and belonging. 


Kafo promises a long-term commitment to helping the children not only in completing their educations but also to receiving dependable and comprehensive support. Through Kafo’s psychosocial support and community self help programs, we hope the children can grow up unashamed of their parents’ HIV status, be educated and develop a sense of social responsibility to help others. 


To create a harmonious, equal, and healthy society by funding and operating projects in education and care for children  impacted by AIDS, AIDS prevention and anti-discrimination.           

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